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Archives June 2017

Fossil fuels : the new trends

Each year, British Petroleum publishes statistics about energy production and consumption in every country. These statistics are an authority because of their accuracy and they allow us to confront political messages with reality in these highly important issues. The 2017 publication is especially interesting since it occurs in a troubled environment caused the retreat from the Paris Agreement decided by Donald Trump and just after the extension of the OPEC deal about the limitation of oil production by State members. The BP report brings elements of answers to these many questions which are on debate, especially in France.

The first ...

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How China is doing ?

With the media whirl generated by Donald Trump tweets, England difficulties created by the consequences of its choice in favor of Brexit and the fall in love of the world opinion with the new French president, the actuality relative to China has been relegated in the middle distance. The sovereign debt notation downgrade by Moody’s has had no consequences and the numerous foreign visits of its leaders most of the time followed by the signature of major projects financed by Beijing didn’t attract more attention. At the end of this month, in Dalian, a major harbor located at ...

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French economy : the honeymoon

The last published figures, and especially the high level of job creations during the 1st quarter, give a positive image of France which contrasts with many years of doubts and critics. The growth trend is now in the European average, even if it is not strong enough to generate a significant reduction of unemployment and several sectors, like for instance home building, are enjoying a significant turnaround. Emmanuel Macron election and the huge majority his government will get at the national Assembly, even if his economic program is not precisely known, appeared as very positive factors to the international community ...

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