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Archives Jan. 1, 2017

China ; The new economic diplomacy

The French president will travel to China in the coming days before going to Japan and South Korea. He will not make the same mistake than some of his predecessors. The first State visit in Asia of a foreign political leader must be in the Chinese capital if he wants to create a climate based on mutual respect. The condition is necessary but not sufficient. He must also be well informed about major orientations of those who are going to talk with him and he must show it. If he doesn’t, he would be considered as an ignorant or ...

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2018 : the year of France

Anglo-Saxon media enthusiasm about France is good news. It breaks with the pessimistic and even alarmist forecasts of international institutions about the situation of the world economy.  Imbalances and excessive indebtedness of public and private agents are making to fear the worst, especially regarding China. So, 2018 would carry the risk of a new and major international crisis. We should not be surprised. Economists as these major institutions didn’t put us on our guard just before the 2007-2008 crisis and they took a lot of time to understand what was going on. They don’t want to be accused ...

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Energy policy : back to reality

The abandon, by the French government, of the objective included in the energy transition Act of a 50% limit in 2025 of nuclear plants in the power production is a first important signal of a coming back to reality. That objective was impossible to attain, except if natural gas-powered plants were built to guarantee the country energy security. EDF will obtain the necessary prorogation of the life duration of its power plants by far above 40 years, if the appropriate investments are made and approved by the Safety Authority. This political turnaround shows that France has, at last, understood that ...

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