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Archives September 2016

2nd Quarter French growth: -0.1%

INSEE has, once more, revised downward 2nd quarter French growth. It has been negative: -0.1%. France didn’t have a reduction of its GDP during one quarter since 2013. So it is difficult to share the optimism of those who consider that “it is going better”. Despite a favorable international environment, a weak oil price, interest rates at their historic low and substantial fiscal incentives for business, French economy is not rebounding. And the figures, published by INSEE even include evaluations difficult to understand since the contribution of foreign trade to growth would be positive for the first ...

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Alstom : the autopsy

To leave François Hollande holding the full responsibility of Alstom planned decline is unfair. It is the result of more than twenty years of strategic mistakes made by its CEOs. But since, in 2004, Nicolas Sarkozy helped the group to avoid bankruptcy and gave it the possibility to rebound, the green light given by the state in 2014 to the deal settled with General Electric (GE), which was not asking for so much, has constituted a fatal mistake. Belfort closure, which is an emblematic site of the company where, during the past, were brought together activities related to transport ...

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Hangzhou : a Summit full of symbols

In China, nothing or just about, occurs by chance. So the choice of the city of Hangzhou to host heads of states participating to the G20 Summit, has a deep sense. This city was China capital during the Song dynasty, at a time when the country was starting to attract attention from the West. Then it was put in the shade by Beijing, of course, and, much later, by its neighbor, Shanghai, which became, from the 19th century, the economic hub of the country. But it was in Hangzhou, during the seventies, that secret discussions took place between Henry ...

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