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Archives July 2016

French nuclear industry : the great mess

European Commission has just announced the launch of a detailed inquiry regarding Areva restructuration. That’s all if needed. If there is one achievement France can be rightly proud about, along with high-speed trains and communication networks, it is its nuclear power production. It allowed us, since we don’t have any oil, natural gas or coal, to improve our trade balance, without emitting CO2 and providing consumers with unbeatable prices. Our German and Italian neighbors are paying for it between 50 and 80% more. So, for the last four years, this activity is undergoing constant political attacks. Areva which ...

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The three lessons of the British disaster

Two weeks after its referendum on Brexit, the United Kingdom is confronted to a political crisis especially serious since it was completely unexpected. Referendum result was uncertain and polls have fluctuated all along the campaign. As it occurs frequently, they were wrong. The last days, they gave the “Remain” option as a winner, maybe due to the emotion generated by the assassination of the Labor M.P. Jo Cox. Bookmakers and investors shared on the same opinion. European stocks markets fall reflected the brutal reversal of speculative positions from those who had lost their bets. But, worst had yet to ...

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0,17% : 10 years French bonds interest rate

TEC-10 index, published by Agence France Trésor, which measures interest rate paid by the State on its ten years bonds has reached on July 1st, an unprecedented level : 0,17%. It had fallen last Monday, after the announcement of the results of the British referendum, and had come back to the low levels attained during a few days, in April 2015. But the fall was amplified at the end of the week. Investors have chosen the safest assets when financial markets were confronted with a confidence crisis reflecting worries generated by the Brexit vote. But if stock markets ...

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