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Archives Jan. 1, 2014

Oil : The end of OPEC ?

Is the drop in oil prices a temporary phenomenon resulting from exceptional political circumstances and a depressed global growth or, conversely, does it prefigure a sustainable return to cheap fossil fuels ? The second hypothesis appears more likely. The causes of the current collapse are identified. The producing countries gathered in OPEC had to face higher supply in a less favourable economic context. They could not agree with each other in order to support prices.

The United States had clearly opted for lower oil prices: this strategy amplifies the impact of economic sanctions to force Moscow to give up its territorial ...

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Endettement public : le contre-sens

En même temps que les comptes nationaux détaillés du 3ème trimestre 2014, qui confirment ceux publiées il y a une semaine, l’INSEE a fait le point sur l’endettement public. Au Parlement, les lois de finances de fin d’année étaient en phase finale de vote, après l’adoption de la loi de programmation des finances publiques pour la période 2015-2017.

Premier constat, l’INSEE évalue le taux d’épargne financière des ménages au 3ème trimestre au niveau record de 7,1% du revenu disponible brut, soit plus ...

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0,3% : the bright spell ?

According to the latest “monthly report” published by INSEE, the rate growth of French economy should be 0.3% per quarter, during the first semester 2015.

This news has been hailed, for once, by the business press that sees here the beginning of an upturn and by the French government that justifies thereby the forecast sent to Brussels in order to defend its policy and the gradual return of France’s public deficit below 3%. However, this analysis of the situation is not convincing. First, this figure relies on tiny changes, a few thousandths of GDP. No statistical system is ...

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